The future of business cards
is finally here

Imagine never having to buy a business card again! Using cutting edge technology you can now buy a card for life. Aircrd is environmentally friendly and continuously updated!

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Why Aircrd?

Still giving out paper business cards that get lost, can be quickly out of date and are just inconvenient in the modern age? Aircrd is the future of business cards - you simply carry one credit card style card with you. If you want to share your contact details simply tap your Aircrd against their phone and your details will pop up in a professional and visual page that can be easily saved.

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How does it work?

Aircrd is a new concept in business cards. It is a plastic card with a chip inside known as an NFC chip which, when tapped on the back of a phone causes a notification to pop up. Click on this and a custom-made web page, built from your own dashboard, opens to show your details which you can amend at any time.



From £24*

*per card

Unlimited Links


Immediate Updates

Custom Link


Multiple finishes available

Custom design on card

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From £5*

*per card

Unlimited Links

Bulk discounts

Custom company links


Immediate Updates

Re-allocatable cards


Admin dashboard to manage cards

Multiple finishes available

Custom design on card

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How is my profile shared?

When you tap your card against someone's phone they will see a notification pop up asking them to open a link. This will take them to your personal profile

They can then save this website link to their bookmarks for future reference.

How do I get started?

It's very quick to get going. Simply follow these steps:

1. Create an account

2. Order your Aircrd by choosing your quantity, colour and design options

3. Log into your personal dashboard and add your details that you want displaying on your profile (for further information see below)

4. Tap your card on someone's phone to share!

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Why is this better than traditional cards?

- One business card for life

- Environmentally friendly

- You have the ability to update your business card details yourself

- Your contacts always have access to your live profile

- Never lose contacts again if you change email address or phone number

- Cost effective solution compared to old fashioned business cards

- More convenient - carry only one card around rather than a pile of cards

- Premium quality - no more tatty business cards

- Available in a range of finishes

- Available with a logo or custom design printed onto the card

- Customisable colour schemes

What details can I share?

Virtually anything you want!

For example:

- Links to websites

- Phone numbers

- Email addresses

- Text headers / descriptions

- Addresses / locations

- Employer details / job title

- Social links including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

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